Embrace Family Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage the “embracing” of children in need of families.  We will share resources, information and provide biblical support for those involved in or thinking about the journey of adoption, foster care or international orphan hosting.

Proverbs 122:8 fits us the best.  "For the sake of my family & friends, I will say, peace be within you.”  

Our goal is that each parent of adoptive & foster children would have peace within them, so that their house will have peace, so that others will see that they too can be adoptive & foster parents.  We want more children in need of families to find those families & homes.


What Is Embrace Family?

Embrace is a volunteer run group.  We support those who have done adoption, foster care (therapeutic & foster to adopt) & international orphan hosting, those who are in process and those who are just thinking about it.  When we adopt, do therapeutic foster care, foster to adopt or host children, we are “embracing” them into our family for a short, long or forever timeframe.  In our support group, we want to do the same - “embrace” you or welcome you with open arms into our support circle for a short, long or forever timeframe.  We hope to encourage & help resource you for your journey. 

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